About Us

My quest for modest clothing began after taking Shahada in 2011. Unlike our Muslim brothers who don’t usually care to wear color coordinated matching garments, we Muslim sisters spend a considerable time looking for a matching hijab to our abaya. Let’s not forget the shoes and the handbags too. Lets’ be honest, who doesn’t want to look and feel good and modest at the same time! I identify myself as one of the guilty ones. The challenge was I Live in Tacoma where there were almost no such stores dedicated to Muslim brothers and sisters. Finding the right place at a reasonable distance was a big task for me. It was not easy. I had to drive at least for an hour north of Tacoma to look for those outfits. The other challenge begins once at the stores. There is no way of finding the right item without talking to the attendant twice or three times (in most cases more than that, no exaggeration!). Not only that, those items are overpriced in most cases. I went through that unpleasant experiences for over 7 years. At last, I reached to my breaking point. Enough is enough. There had to be a better choice. I DESERVE better. My sisters DESERVE better. Finally, I got the courage to put all my efforts to do it differently here in Tacoma. I started investing my time and resources gathering samples for abayas and hijabs for women and kids all over the world.

Fast forward to 2017, I brought some of the samples from my diverse collections to an Eid celebration for a showing. The community was pleased with the styles, quality, and prices. YasBina Boutique laid its foundations that day, serving the community, the base for our core principles. Our store name is derived from the first names of my youngest children Yasmeen and Biniam (pictured). 

Alhamdulilah, we opened the doors for the new store before Ramadan 2018. We strive to offer Stylish, Modest, and Affordable clothing coupled with unequaled customer services. Now we're ready to expand our horizon and reach past the borders of Tacoma and offer our beautiful selection to our sisters across the U.S.